The Booklet of Jieunius

The Booklet of Jieunius
Not for posting yet.

I love Megachok vanilla
RIP…Nelson Mandela.
Just doodled…after all I guess I’ve watched this amazing film about 10 times… so I became a little bit sarcastic..
I don’t think life is like a box of chocolates anymore not just because of internet, I just disagree with the idea.
Life is like a bundle of color pencils. 
You surely know what you’re going to get.

Vote for Pedro!

The hair is made with macaroni as you see~

and the face is ….mayo!!

Can’t I be more excited to eat them up..?

Especially chex with mayo….y..u…mmmmm….

Sweet Marie pouch

Sweet Marie pouch

10 posts!

10 posts!

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Inspired by the film, Marie Antoinette.

Pouch for make-up kit

Rabbits do Dream…